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Monday, May 15, 2006

Knitting & Talking Part 2:The nightmare continues

Okay, so you know how I can't knit and talk at the same time? How knitting can never be a social event for me? How I am destined to knit alone, in a dark, quiet room? So I was happily working on Green Gable, I worked on her at a 3rd grade choral concert, on the train, even on the 33 Michigan Ave. Express bus. I could pick her up and put her down whenever I felt like it. I always remembered exactly where in the pattern I was. So one day my friend Lynn says "We should knit at work, during lunch." And I think, great idea, more knitting, cooooool! And the very first time I attempt it, by picking up Green Gable and working on her while chit-chatting I immediately make a huge mistake in the lace, then further complicate it while trying to fix it. People, I have cast this sweater on 3 times, and unravelled it yes, 3 times ( the first 2 had to do with casting on issues before the Zephyr girls cleared up everything on the knitalong blog). I'm thinking GRRRRRReen Gable.


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