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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Visit to new (for me) lys

Lynae emailed me yesterday that she was going to head over to Three Bags Full (aka Jen's crack house, Lynae's term, not mine) on Saturday, a lys that I had not yet visited, and that Al from Group works at. Of course I wanted to go with; here's what I bought: I will be knitting a Booga Bag with the Noro (because right now I carry my projects in ziploc bags, and it looks tacky, an Odessa hat with the cashsoft (speaking of tacky, how about the pricetag prominently featured in the picture, and Ms. Marigold with the Alpaca and silk, it feels scrumptious!


Blogger Kathy said...


I am glad you liked the 3 Bags trip. I am headed over there tomorrow. I like to go when Al is working. Might see you at Group; my parents' may need me, however, so it is iffy. Hope to see you all.

9:10 PM  

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