Sisyphus Knits

Monday, May 15, 2006

Knitting & Talking:MI3

So I was feeling frustrated, I have knit & frogged several items due to the fact that I can't figure out how to unravel mistakes only on non-stockinette knitting. After my extreme frustration with Green Gable, I decided to treat myself by casting on this adorable ponchette that I coveted after seeing it on Knit and Tonic's blog. I covet everything she knits, I am the Jan Brady to her Marcia. I bought the yarn from KnitPixie, it's allhemp in pumpkin, cause I always wanted to try hemp yarn. So this weekend I knit 3 repeats of the pattern (only 21 to go) and then the minute I go to work, and attempt to knit while talking at lunch, I mess up the very first row that I do, notice that the stitch count is off by the third row, and frog the entire thing on the train ride home. I do hereby solemnly swear that I will never attempt to knit while talking, ever again, so help me God.

Knitting & Talking Part 2:The nightmare continues

Okay, so you know how I can't knit and talk at the same time? How knitting can never be a social event for me? How I am destined to knit alone, in a dark, quiet room? So I was happily working on Green Gable, I worked on her at a 3rd grade choral concert, on the train, even on the 33 Michigan Ave. Express bus. I could pick her up and put her down whenever I felt like it. I always remembered exactly where in the pattern I was. So one day my friend Lynn says "We should knit at work, during lunch." And I think, great idea, more knitting, cooooool! And the very first time I attempt it, by picking up Green Gable and working on her while chit-chatting I immediately make a huge mistake in the lace, then further complicate it while trying to fix it. People, I have cast this sweater on 3 times, and unravelled it yes, 3 times ( the first 2 had to do with casting on issues before the Zephyr girls cleared up everything on the knitalong blog). I'm thinking GRRRRRReen Gable.

Knitting & Talking

Like Drinking & Driving, or Rubbing my Tummy while Patting my Head, it has been decided that I cannot Knit and Talk at the same time! Exhibit 1: Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style. I knit about 12 inches while flying from Seattle to Chicago, using a beautiful variegated yarn called Sierra by the Great Adirondack Yarn Co. (color Clematis). Then while working on it at a soccer game (one of three I must attend every Saturday) I attempted to knit while talking, and I messed it up. It has now been sitting on my needles for about a month while I try to determine what to do about it. I stink at figuring out how to unknit k2togs and yos. I'll probably just rip the whole blasted thing!

Monday, May 01, 2006

GG Yarn

My lys didn't have Cotton Fleece, but they assured me this was the next best thing. It's Cascade Yarns Sierra in Color 47, a beautiful pale turquoise. Must keep this post brief so I can cast on GG today - first official day of my first official knitalong.

One Skein Wonder

My one skein wonder, I've finished the "body", now I just have to knit the seed stitch on the sleeves and the ribbing on the neck and back - I don't have the proper size needles for that, have to stop by the lys! I used Colinette Hand Dyed Skye in Colorway Kingfisher.