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Monday, February 04, 2008

Too Bad, So Sad

So I haven't posted in forever & now I'm only going to post only so I can whine about the airlines again and I know that's lame. In knitting news, I've knit a bunch of hats and scarves and two socks over the past couple of months. But back to the whining, and I think this falls under the "life's not fair" category, because it's nobody's fault really, although United Airlines still sucks, as they did last April when they stranded me at LaGuardia for the night and then were mean about it. My sister & I were supposed to go to Sawgrass for a spa weekend in Florida this weekend. We had appointments galore scheduled for Saturday: facials, mani/pedis, massages and Telly Savalas waxings (I'm kinda glad that didn't happen, my sister booked that particular service, and of course she scheduled mine right BEFORE hers). But I digress. She was booked on the 8:08 am flight out of O'Hare and I was on the 1:15 pm flight. Since it snowed 8 inches that night, her flight was cancelled, and the 2 other flights to Jville that day were overbooked, so they couldn't get her out until the next day; but we were scheduled to return on Sunday at 11 am, so sensibly, my sister decided she didn't want to fly to Florida for 24 hours and declined the offer. However, this is where we encountered a problem. Because of course my flight was still going, and even though it was overbooked and they obviously needed my seat, they wouldn't work that deal on the phone for me, I would have to go out to the airport in order to get credit for my flight. But frankly I was not about to go out to the airport if I wasn't flying to Florida, so now I'm out the cost of the ticket. And the worst part of the story, after her flight was cancelled, my sister went to the baggage claim to get her luggage & they told her it was going to Jville & would be back in 5 days, they would deliver it to her house at that time, which would cost her $50. When she pointed out to the attendant that there was no way her suitcase had gone anywhere as no flights had taken off, he just pointed to the framed policy stating that he couldn't help her, once she checked it, it was going to Florida & frankly it was staying twice as long as we were planning on staying. United called my sister yesterday, they lost her suitcase. And, get a tissue if you need one, her favorite shoes were in the suitcase. For which they are offering her $150 compensation, roughly the cost of one shoe.


Anonymous knit chick said...

We got stuck in Reno for about 2 hrs yesterday, but eventually got home w/out a problem. What a terrible experience for you! I feel so bad for you and your sister (esp the lost luggage)!

9:33 PM  
Blogger Tamara said...

You really got the short end of the stick on that one. I think you should write a letter to AA, outline all the facts and let them know how disappointed you are. You might be surprised to get some kind of compensation.

7:32 PM  

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