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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feelin Groovy

So I had to delete my London calling post because someone posted a comment that was basically an ad for bongs! I mean I haven't even seen a bong for over 20 years, and suddenly they are throwing themselves at me, sheesh. In unrelated news, last night I had a dream about Baltimore, my husband and I were driving in from the Baltimore airport & I was telling him how ugly Baltimore was, but then Baltimore made me a liar because the sky was all pink and blue and we were driving on a bridge over water and you could see the beautiful museums and buildings, including some shaped like people and animals in a Matisse way, but then *WAKE UP* it was a dream! Baltimore is still ugly. You don't drive over water into the city and there are no beautiful buildings. Okay, the aquarium is nice, same with the Whole Foods in Fells Point. P.S. I don't want any comments from Baltimorons defending their city, this is my opinion & I have a right to it. I studied all day yesterday & plan on doing the same today. 4 more days till my test, then I'm free to spend all my time knitting, improving my blog, gardening, and whatever else I feel like doing!


Anonymous Lynae said...

I kept looking for you at Grandpa's hoping we could have a beer!

Christine C. said something about me knitting while we were standing with a group of people. Someone asked my what I knit...and AJ and I showed them our handknit socks. We got some funny looks!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

Hope you can make it to Group Wednesday. Seems like a long time...

Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something with all the bong sightings. :)

4:53 PM  
Anonymous sister III said...

Baltimore is pissed. Baltimore is so mad it is going to try to sell you drugs and snot on you and get gum on your shoes. But baltimore was going to try to do that anyway before you wrote those mean things.

11:30 AM  

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