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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Green Gable

We had an awesome time in Florida! The weather was perfect & I have to say the beaches were the most beautiful I have ever seen. White sand like sugar and clear, aqua blue water. One day we went to Seaside (where they filmed The Truman Show) and rented bikes and rode around. All the houses are painted pastel colors and have names on the front. I yelped out in suprise when we rode by Green Gables. I had cast on Green Gables somewhere in Alabama on the way down & I actually had my knitting with me, so I had my middle child hold it up in front of the house, how cool is that? I had originally cast on Green Gable last summer, but made a mistake in the lace and frogged it; it sat in my stash all winter, but spring break seemed an appropriate time to start it again, and now I'm nearly finished, hooray. My goal is to wear it to Maryland Sheep and Wool in a month.


Blogger Mindy said...

That is a great picture! I loved The Truman Show.

9:50 AM  

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