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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vegas Baby

So here is a picture of my Irish Hiking Scarf in Malabrigo, color Frank Ochre, hanging out in front of Ceasar's in Vegas! Yeah Baby! (said in Austin Powers voice) I felt kind of silly snapping this pic, & I wanted to have the Live Showgirl posing in front of Bally's hold it for me, but I would have felt silly asking her. And besides she was busy posing with all the millions of cowboys who were in town for the Rodeo. I used to love Cowboys with their big hats, short haircuts, tight jeans, and good manners(in that order), but Brokeback kinda ruined it for me because now I feel like they have no interest in me, they're more interested in each other. Had loads of fun in Vegas, it's a long story, but I got onto the VIP list at Tao (a hot nightclub at the Venetian), my husband had no interest in going, so I brought the two 23 year boys on our trip with me (I am literally the same age as one of their moms!). It was a nice club if you like tons of people and lots of girl on girl action. I had to mention that because I can't wait for someone to google that phrase and end up on a knitting blog! Ha!


Blogger Mindy said...

The scarf if lovely. I just finished one out of Cascade 220 but it doesn't have the fluffly look yours does.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Lynae said...

YAY for the Vegas Scarf!

I am almost finished with the same scarf in blue - teacher gift.

See you Wednesday?!?!?

10:08 AM  
Anonymous middle child said...

Who would have thunk that a knitter could be so cool?? Hanging with the 23 year-olds in the coolest club in Vegas baby, those Mahjongg players have nothing on you!

9:04 PM  
Anonymous the baby sister said...

did you see paris and britney? why don't you knit them some undies--they would end up in tons of paparazzi shots!

6:30 PM  

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